The Wellness Journey Begins!

Hi friends!!! If you are reading this then THANK YOU! I hope through sharing my experiences it will inspire others. About 10 days ago I shared on Facebook that I was struggling with both anxiety and depression. That was my first step on this journey. This is something I have dealt with my whole life and at 36 it’s time to make some changes. A few weeks ago I called Omaha Integrative Care to set up an appointment with a counselor and to see a nurse practitioner for a physical. I loved that their approach to health and wellness is to evaluate both mind and body. They recommended we start with a full screening of hormones and vitamin levels and I was ecstatic because I had been wanting to do this for months. I was convinced I had hormone issues…but I don’t, they are fine. I could however have adrenal fatigue, so I am taking steps to heal that. Unfortunately it can take 3-12 months to see changes (UGH I am not patient LOL). If you have been following me on FB you know I cut out caffeine recently (yes I survived, so far) and this is one step to heal my adrenals and also bring down my anxiety. What next, accepting my diagnosis of depression and anxiety. Accepting that I may have to take medication to improve my mental wellness. I meet with my counselor tomorrow and I plan to discuss my options. I will update tomorrow after my appointment so please continue to follow my blog. And I apologize this is so raw, I hope to get better at this blog thing as we go. Please feel free to send advice đŸ˜‰